EarMuff - Reverse Engineering


A client requested the reverse engineering of an earmuff.  The clientís mould cracked and the insert needed to be replaced so that they could continue with the production.  No drawings or tooling existed for this product as the tool were made by an oversees contractor.


The plastic injection moulded part was scanned.  I decided not to scan the existing cracked insert due to itís condition.  The part was scanned using the co-ordinate measurement machine.  3D co-ordinate points were transferred and converted into splines.  Data smoothing and manipulation were performed by the front end CAD system and exported to the CAD system.  A surface model was produced utilizing advances surface modeling.

3D CAD surface model was exported and transferred to the selected toolmaker.  After ensuring that the data was converted successfully, the electrode was cut.  The client approved the electrode geometry and the new insert was spark eroded.


Design, Product Development and Tooling
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