Vaginal Cream and Tablet Applicators - Design, Prototype & Tooling


A physician produced basic conceptual sketches of his patented concepts.   Several meeting were setup to understand the clientís requirement and function of the product.  The product would be used by a variety of users applying hormonal and spermicidal creams to the vagina.  Different dosages were required for the various applications.  Material selection was made to suit the FDA requirements as well as the productís functionality.


We worked through several iterations of design modifications, using 3D surface and solid modeling techniques.  Several images were rendered and printed which were used in presentations and for funding motivations.

Then a prototype was produced from the 3D CAD model, using SLA rapid prototyping technology.  This SPII funded project involved government funding.  The prototype was used for further development and product improvements.

Once this phase was completed, the next tooling stage was approved.  I designed the mould cores to be machines from steel.  The master pattern was used to fit the cores.  Once assembled a Urethane epoxy was cast around this master pattern.  RTV Silicon material was used to produce the first elastomer prototype.

At the rear of the applicator, a tube containing the cream needed to be connected.  This plastic connection piece was designed and machined from ABS material.  It featured a spring-loaded non-return valve.

This prototype was entered in the 1998 SABS design awards, prototype category.  The client and I received an award for this category.  The prototype was used during several presentations where the client was seeking investors to fund the mass manufacturing of this product.

Several other applicators were prototyped, following from this concept, such as the vaginal tablet applicator and the 1cv disposable single dosage applicator.


Design, Product Development and Tooling
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