Dolos - Tooling


This unique design was patented by the CSIR.  Scientists were required to build a scale model of this 60 ton wave breaker.  The product has a unique way of interlocking when packed.  Several similar wave beakers are used to calm stormy seas and stabilize the swells in the local South African harbors.  The material selction played a big role in this scaled model.  As water was the testing medium, the scaled dolos needed to be made by a material with same density as concrete.  A special material, mixture of PP and Bauxite was compounded to obtain the correct density.  Scale models 1 : 1 000 000 were requested of several designs and volumes.


Several dies were made to cater for about five different items.  Two mould bases were used with several cavities.  The rotating sprewbush was used to select the cavity that will be used in the injection moulding process.  The moulds were designed to fit a small Ankerwerke Injection moulding machine.
We played an integral role in assisting the scientists to perform their scale model research.


Design, Product Development and Tooling
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