Face Mask - Tooling


This facemask project was performed for a military application.  Due to the changes in South Africa, many more black African soldiers entered the defense force.
A lot of equipment do not fit or function properly due to the different ergonomics.  This facemask was design by an industrial designer to suit the new application.   The rapid prototyping route was followed to produce a sample.  The SLA model was used to produce a silicon prototype, using RTV rubber tooling.
Five parties were involved in this project.


Same 3D model data was used to design the compression transfer mould.  Several flaws were found in the 3D model.  These flaws first had to be rectified in order to continue with the mould design.  The mask design featured an undercut and complicated the tool design and manufacturing.  A toolmaker familiar with the compression transfer moulding process was selected.  The data was converted and transferred into the suitable format.  The toolmaker used this data to machine the electrodes and cavities of top and bottom cavity plates.  Prior to manufacturing a meeting was arranged with the toolmaker and manufacturer in order to clear out any foreseen difficulties.  Several improvements and concessions were made.
A complete set of 2D manufacturing drawing was made for every part of the mould.  General assembly drawings were also made to assist the manufacture and toolmaker.  It was also explained to the client how the mould would operate.
Not an easy task for the toolmaker, always difficult to register or reference the core, top and bottom cavity plates.  Wax parts were made at the toolmaker to ensure the mould is correct before it is transported to the manufacturer.


Design, Product Development and Tooling
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